In October 10, 1974, Adak’s earthquake came to the world in Şakirpaşa Mahallesi, the central Seyhan district of Adana. The taxi driver was a father and the housewife was the youngest of five children of a mother.

Aytekin Gezi’s primary education was in Sadık Sabancı in the same city, in the middle school on May 19 and in the Department of Furniture Decoration in Liseyi Central Industrial Vocational High School.

He became a reporter in the Citizens Newspaper in June 1993, when he was single-decked in high school. A few months later, he worked for Citizen, Express, Yeni Günaydın and Super Tan Gazeteleri because of his sales to Günaydın Publishing Group.

1993, is the first year that Travelogi, which has successfully completed the lesson, has to enter the university exam at the same time. However, Aytekin was going to a printing market where the news center, which was working on a traveling market day, had to work decisively on the day when it was supposed to be in practice. After a while he watched ‘the test he had missed’ due to ‘intense profession love’ but he took a photograph from the examination halls and reported.

Aytekin Gezici passed the Zaman Newspaper from Günaydın Broadcasting Group. Traveling news of this newspaper for a while Enes Türkoğlu magazine published.

In this period of traveling, the reporters published a short story about their lives in a humorous manner by publishing their own short stories (photocopy, informal) named Varakpare.

Aytekin Gezici collected his works published in Varakpare in 1997, in a book named ‘Journalistic Stories, Fıkraları’, ‘Some of the media landscapes’.

Aytekin worked three times in Zaman Newspaper for several reasons (one is military service), in Erotic, Tempo Tv, Time (in Zaman) Summit and Hürriyet Newspapers, respectively, and in short intervals during the ‘Timeless Days’.

Aytekin Gezici made the first Istanbul test during the period when the Adana bureau of Hürriyet was merged with Milliyet Newspaper. Gezici was a reporter on the ‘Teksoy Görevinde’ Program, where he was the host of Saadettin Teksoy, the famous traveling and adventurer on Star TV.

Aytekin His traveling father, Ahmet Gezici, returned to Adana, where he returned because of his death. After traveling to Istanbul for the second time following the second forced departure, Zamani became a correspondent in the news program titled “Babacan” published by TGRT and made by Cüneyt Arkın.

Here, Aytekin Gezici, who has signed the special news reports of TGRT and the most popular news program, has returned to the ‘fur shop’ (Adana) after the end of the program.

Gezici, Zaman Gazetesi When he was a reporter in the Adana Bureau, Çukurova Gazeteciler Cemiyeti’s 2004 journalists’ success’ news’ received success prizes in the ‘photography’ category in the photo competition on Traffic in Objektift organized for Traffic Week in the same year.
Aytekin Gezici opened a joint photo exhibition named ‘We were there’ with Journalist A. Basri Baş in August 2004.
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