‘GLADIO’ was born in Latin ‘gladius’ word and HANÇER means ‘sharp weapon like KILIÇ’. It’s the same word at the gladiator.
GLADIO is now given to ‘secret armies’ that NATO has developed against the possible attack of Warsaw Pact countries against Western Europe after the Second World War.
NATO’s Gladians, established during the Cold War era, were liquidated all over Turkey, except Germany and Canada. All Gladiolarin financiers are Rockfeller and Rothchild Groups. The most powerful legs of this structuring are in Germany. If this structure is to be destroyed, the German economy will sink and the European Union will collapse.
In this book, we will learn about the dirty, animated and bloody story of the GLADIO structure starting from the ‘kadim times’ and extending daily.

The main questions that are answered in this book will be the book of chiefs;

When and where was GLADIO first established?
II. Did GLADIO be removed after World War II?
Where and when was the first use against the Communists, the reason for the establishment of GLADIO?
Is GLADIO established in Turkey?
Did GLADIO have any coup in Turkey?
Was the intervention of May 27, 1960 the work of GLADIO?
What is the background of Aldo Moro’s murder in Italy?
Is GLADIO excluded in Italy?
What happened to hundreds of people involved in terrorist acts?
In which European country did GLADIO become clear?
GLADIO actions in Turkey still going on?